KOBE is the major city of Hyogo prefecture. It is a beautiful port city in western Japan, home to 1.5 million. It lies just 20 minutes from Osaka and an hour's flight from Tokyo. 

Kobe has a great merge between mountains and seafront settings and it is famous for Kobe beef. The great scenery and food attract all visitors.

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Fashionable and gourmet-loving KOBE

Kobe began to truly thrive as a city when the port opened up to the Western world back in 1686 and a foreign settlement was established up until 1899. Ever since the opening of its port in 1868, Kobe has blossomed into a thriving cosmopolitan city, incorporating Western customs, cultures and industries.

Kobe has an enviable number of attractions. For example, it is famous as one of the best areas nationwide for producing Japanese sake and the world's source of Kobe beef. It is also an ideal place to enjoy the very Japanese pastime of hot-spring bathing, at Japan's oldest hot spring resort, Arima Onsen.

About Kobe, Hyogo

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