Use the coupon "CRAZYXMAS" for a ¥1000 discount and have a chance to win up to ¥50000 in coupons!

How does it work?

Just use the 1000 yen off coupon "CRAZYXMAS" on any of the stores listed on this page, and if your purchase is over 9000 yen (before using the coupon), you will be entered into our lottery!

*The coupon can also be used on orders below 9,000 yen.
**You can check all the products for each store by clicking on the  "see all products" button close to the store names.

We'll pick 3 random winners, and each will receive one of the following prizes. 

Crazy Christmas Grand Prize

A 50,000 yen coupon to spend on all ZenPlus products!

Happiest Holiday Discount

A 30,000 yen coupon to spend on all ZenPlus products!

Santa's Surprise Mystery Box

A box full of mystery goodies!
(Retail value: 20,000 yen)

For Sake Connoisseurs

(highest alcohol by volume (ABV)18%) 

Kitashouji Sake

Sho no Sato
Sake Set

Super-luxury set with 2 bottles of high quality daiginjo sake

Sho no Sato
Daiginjo Sake

Surprise your friends with this traditional Japanese package

Sho no Sato Gold Award Daiginjo Shizuku Sake

1800 ml of pure sake bliss. Only for connoisseurs

Niwadani Junmai
Daiginjo Sake

Niwadani - Blue Label. Mellow fruity taste & a stylish design

Ichido Assorted Set

8 bottle set of sparkling wine - ideal if you don't know where to start

Ichido Rosé Sparkling

High in polyphenols, this rosé won a gold medal at the Washu Fes Grand Prix

Ichido Tasting Gift Set

2 bottle tasting set, the perfect gift for your Japan-loving friends

Ichido Feminalise Winner Set

A set of white & red sparkling wines that won the Feminalise World Wine Competition!

Boxes For Japan Fans

Merry Craft Stationery Pack

Add some jingle to your bells with this box of beautiful Japanese Christmas stationery

Loving Relics Anime Box

Bring back the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie hype with this box of JJK figures, a plushie, and more!

Dreamy Sky Stationery Pack

This stationery set has a lovely color palette of bright, colorful sunsets and calm starry nights

Lunalicious Sweet Pack

Coming from the moon, ZenPop's mascot Luna is here to deliver the best snacks in Japan

For Trend Setters

JB Works

Jb works offers a wide variety of products, from second hand wedding rings, to bracelets and much more! Check all the products for more info

Cartier Love Pave Diamond Bracelet (Preloved)

Gorgeous diamonds in 18K white gold

Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Watch Necklace (Preloved)

18K pink gold pendant with a hidden watch inside

BVLGARI Serpenti Spiga Watch (Preloved)

A unique design with 18K pink gold & white ceramic

HARRY WINSTON Lily Cluster Ring (Preloved)

18k gold with Marquise and round cut diamonds

Shop By Brand

Louis Vuitton

Tiffany & Co.

Retro Flower Wallet

Elegant Japanese style and high quality fabrics. Features a separate coin pocket inside

Retro Flower Shoulder Bag

Original Japanese retro flower design, with two straps so it can be carried multiple ways

Wide Hair Clip

Beautiful hair clips featuring Japanese patterns in a variety of colors

Triangle Hair Clip

Traditional meets modern - give your hair a stylish look with these triangular clips

Polarized Sunglasses

Affordable and stylish - enjoy the best Japanese quality sunglasses. Perfect for spending time outdoors

Computer Glasses

Reduce eyestrain! Cuts over 99% of UV light, 40% of blue light, and 42% of cataract-causing near-infrared rays

High Performance Glasses

High performance lenses. Blocks over 99% UV light, 94% of blue light, and 98% of near-infrared rays

Style & Protection Sunglasses

The perfect balance of style and function. Blocks over 99% UV light, 85% of blue light, and 53% of near-infrared rays

For Golfers

Shot Navi Granz Black

The smallest and lightest handheld GPS golf navigation system, complete with a touch panel and color display

Shot Navi AIR White

Ultra small and light watch-type GPS golf navigator with a touch panel, made in Japan and designed for comfort

Shot Navi Evolve PRO Black

The newest model of watch-type GPS golf navigator! Includes new functions to take your golf to the next level

Shot Navi Voice Laser Red Leo

Good Design Award Winner! A laser rangefinder with a voice operation function to prevent camera shake

For Tea Lovers

Japanese Beauty
Warm & Cozy Set

Stay beautiful this winter with the power of Japanese konbu and ginger

Akatsuki Pure
Herbal Tea

A secret blend of 16 different Japanese herbs, for a unique flavor experience

High Class Ume Shiso Tea

A century-old formula with plums and perilla leaves from the Izumo Taisha Shrine

Aki Crystal Scallions
Sweets for Tea

Unique sweets to add stamina and vitality to your afternoon tea breaks

Yamato Green Tea

Benifuuki Green Tea Powder with Catechin

Enjoy your tea and keep yourself healthy with your daily dose of catechin

Super Micron
Healthy Green Tea

Instant green tea powder - simply add to a bottle of water!

For Snack Lovers

Momiji Moments
Ramen Pack

Warm up your winter with this variety pack of ramen as red as Japanese momiji leaves

Chou Hiyarinko
Ice Bubble Gum

It may look like ice cream but it's actually bubble gum with a refreshingly sweet yogurt soda flavor

Jujutsu Kaisen
Choco Egg

Crack open this chocolate egg to find out which secret Jujustsu Kaisen character figure is lying within!

Happy Nuts Company

Dried Red Dragon Fruit
Sugar Free No Additives

Red Dragon fruit chips are perfect for your mid-day snack or with tea

Kyoto Matcha Chocolate-Coated Pecan Nuts

A unique combo of matcha chocolate with pecan nuts, for a delicate and tasty break

Ehime Dried
Yuzu Peel

Yuzu (Japanese citrus) peel! This flavorful dried fruit can be enjoyed alone or in tea

Dried, Lightly-Sugared
Fuji Apples

Enjoy the mellow taste of Fuji apples, the most famous Japanese apple variety

Chinese-style Bouillon

Natural bouillon to give your dishes extra flavor

Vegan Non-GMO
Soy-Protein Cutlet

100% vegan, a perfect new source of proteins

Organic Soy Meat
Chunk Type

A new way to enjoy protein for a balanced diet

Organic Textured
Soy Meat Nuggets

Enjoy veggie-based nuggets in a natural way, additive-free

Fun For All Ages!


Educational toys created by a doctor! Try out the hottest new Japanese block toy with this 500 piece starter set


Expand your creativity with 1000 PBLOCKs in 10 colors! Create solid shapes, curves, and even moving figurines

PBLOCK Mega Trex Set

Create a 50cm long, poseable Trex with this popular dinosaur kit! Sure to be a hit with both kids and adults!

PBLOCK ValuePack300

3-piece value set! Get PBLOCK300, the PBLOCK Dinosaur Set, and the PBLOCK Insect Set!

Shinada Global

Mochi Otter Plushies

These popular mochi otters have been making a splash on Instagram and TikTok!

Mochi Frog Plushies

These squishy amphibians are one of the newest members of the Shinada Global family

Mochi Cat Plushies

With a variety of colors and sizes, mochi cats are perfect for any feline-lover!

Fumofumo Plushies

Choose from over 100 quirky critters. Start building your own Fumofumo fam today!

For Stationery Collectors


Momotaro Washi Tape

Kawaii washi tape featuring characters from the Japanese legend of Momotaro!

Momotaro Notebook

A grid-lined notebook with an illustration of Momotaro and his faithful dog

Momotaro Pouch

A cute pouch perfect for storing stray items that you want to keep organized

Momotaro Totebag

This simple but fun totebag is the perfect gift for any Japan-lover on your Christmas list

For Skincare Lovers

Bionne Moisturizing Cream

Works deep into the skin to keep it firm and moisturized. Prevents spots and dullness

Crystary Wash

For skin as flawless as crystal. Contains the Nobel-Prize winning ingredient fullerene

Milky Serenna Essence

A milky essence to keep your skin looking young and healthy, forever!

Crystary Lotion

For the next step in keeping your skin crystal clear, use this calming lotion

For Health Enthusiasts

Let's Japan

Umi No Fucoidan

Boost your immunity with the power of the sea!

Hyaluronic Acid With Marine Collagen

Keep your skin hydrated and beautiful


Lower cholesterol, improve gut health, and so much more!

Medical Shampoo

The Japanese solution for dandruff and itchiness


  • Coupon duration: November 1st - December 25th, 2022, 00:00 am JST
  • Lottery duration: November 1st - December 25th, 2022, 00:00 am JST
  • You will only receive an entry for the lottery when you use the coupon on orders over 9000 yen (total price before using the coupon).
  • The coupon can only be used once.
  • The coupon is valid also on orders below 9000 yen, but you won't be able to enter the lottery.
  • The 1000 yen coupon is valid only on the products listed on this page, but you may mix and match products from different sellers.
  • For privacy reasons, we can't publicly disclose the winners. 
  • We will contact all winners on January 5th, 2023, through the email
    Please make sure to whitelist the address and check your email after January 5th. We will only contact you through, so be careful when opening links from other email addresses.
  • The coupons for prizes 1 and 2 are valid until January 31st, 2023.
  • We will contact the prize 3 winner via e-mail to confirm their shipping address.

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